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'30s Fake Bob with Feminine Curls and Curves - with Small Hot Rollers
'30s Fake Bob with Feminine Curls and Curves - with Small Hot Rollers
1. The front section of the hair is parted above the outer point of the eyebrow. Using small hot rollers, set the front with each section rolling away from the part.
2. Part the back section behind the ears and pin up the hair at the crown to keep it out of the way. Set the lower section of hair using on-base curls.
3. The section left at the crown is rolled off-base to leave the crown flat.
4. Begin taking the rollers out one at a time starting at the bottom of the largest front section and brushing each rolled piece out on its own. Be sure to coat a small amount of pomade on hands to control frizz.
5 and 6. Continue brushing one rolled section at a time with comb and some pomade on hands to control frizz. Hairspray while working.
7. Once the last 2 rollers at the top in the largest section of hair at the front are reached, brush the hair up and over to where the hair will fall.
8. Take the last roller out and brush it up and over.
9 and 10. Once it is lying in its general final spot, continue combing. Form this section into a wave using the brush and yur fingers. Hairspray for hold.
11 and 12. Remove the hot rollers from the other smaller side section and brush the hair.
13. Remove the rollers and brush the back section of hair down, not out.
14 and 15. Take the hair hanging below the nape of the neck and turn it under. Pin the hair up in place with bobby pins to create shorter hair appearance.
Copyright 2009 by Lauren Rennells.