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Curvature Wrap Technique
Curvature Wrap Technique
In curvature wrap, the panels used throughout the head have a directional emphasis to them - they contour to the curves of the head. This curvature panel setting creates a seamless flow of texture throughout the central region of the head, from the front hairline to the nape, which complements the heavily layered haircut. The flow of hair is very natural, as well as extremely manageable.

For the layered haircut, rod sizes alternate within the panels. The rods are rolled for volume up to the perimeter, where an indentation application creates a more closely contoured effect. In addition, the area framing the face is set within a curvature motion. Contrast this to block setting, in which lines are rigidly set in a downward directional throughout the exterior of the set.

The movement created throughout the interior allows for the hair to blend beautifully from the front forehead area to the back.