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Free Envy Wig Hair Products with a purchase- what a quality synthetic wig needs
Free Envy Wig Hair Products with a purchase- what a quality synthetic wig needs
Nearly all hair products sold in beauty salons, beauty supply stores, and grocery stores are made for human hairs. Those hair products are very easy to create build-ups on synthetic hairs since our wigs are extremely light. Envy wig has its own hair products to keep it long lasting beauty and clean. Envy wig hair products include: WASH-N-WEAR shampoo, TANGLE TAMER leave in conditioner, FREEZE FRAME hair spray, and SHINE ON lusterizer. When customers purchase an Envy wig, they will get an Envy hair product kit for free (not including open top ENVY wigs and Envy wigs on sales).

a. Shampooing:
Immerse your ENVY wig completely in a basin of cool water. Use an ample amount of ENVY Wash and Wear shampoo and gently agitate into the fiber. Rinse shampoo thoroughly!
b. Conditioning:
After shampooing apply your ENVY Tangle Tamer through the ends of your ENVY wig. Now take a wide tooth comb and start combing through your new style starting at the ends and working your way to the base. Do not comb from base to the ends. Always start at the tips of the strands and work your way up. After combing through is complete, now thoroughly rinse your wig. After rinsing the conditioner completely you can dry by squeezing the hair gently. Do not rub the fiber vigorously or you will create tangling of the fiber.
c. Daily Lusterizer:
Spray daily Shine On lusterizer to protect the fibers and maintain manageability. Comb ENVY Shine On through your style and allow to dry before combing, brushing, or styling. You can use Shine On daily to extend the life of your wig.

We recommend weekly shampooing and conditioning for optimal results.