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Just Show You What a Good Curly Iron Can Do - Large Curl/Wave Pattern
Just Show You What a Good Curly Iron Can Do - Large Curl/Wave Pattern
1. Section off the hair. Make a horizontal parting, splitting the side section into two sections.
2. Spiral hair around a curling iron, using the full barrel of the iron. Curl away from the face.
3. Wind hair away from the face on a diagonal.
4. Use a metal clip to secure the curls.
5. Moving to the back of the head, section off a 2-inch (5 cm) section at the nape.
6. Pin the rest of the hair up at the crown.
7. Take diagonal 2-inch (5 cm) sections, working from the side and winding the hair toward the center of the head. Bring down the next 2-inch (5 cm) section from the pinned-up hair at the crown. Work througheach largers section, creating smaller workable sections until all the hair is curled, moving in toward the middle of the back of the head.
8. Roll the last top section at the top of the crown under toward the back of the head, spiraling the hair along the iron.
9. If the result is too tight, you can use a bigger-barreled iron to create a larger curl/wave pattern.
10-1. Make a low side part and brush hair smooth to create sleek waves.
10-2. Brush through the curls with a boar-bristle paddle brush to create waves. Use a wide-tooth comb to backcomb and spread the waves.
11. Use a little hair spray to finish.