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Large Waves Hair Setting - with 1 ½” Caruso Jumbo Steam Rollers and 1 Ό” Large Steam Rollers
Large Waves Hair Setting - with 1 ½” Caruso Jumbo Steam Rollers and 1 Ό” Large Steam Rollers
The Caruso Professional Molecular Hairsetter was invented for long lasting curls and volume while keeping hair healthy, shiny and in great condition. The Caruso Professional Molecular system is a revolutionary process; tiny molecules of steam penetrate the hair shaft, reforming the chain bonds to create healthy, strong beautiful curls. Caruso patented roller design allows for breathing space between the foam and the shield so steam evaporates faster and curls set tighter. Caruso unique shield lock holds rollers on tightly and end caps have slots to hold clips when needed. The Molecular roller foam holds steam to give you the most curling power.

Caruso Jumbo 1.5 inch Molecular Steam Rollers create voluminous curls with tons of shine. These quick heating rollers create strong, long-lasting, luxurious curls when used with the Caruso Steam Hairsetters. The soft curling foam rollers become infused with gentle moisture that penetrates to the hair's molecular core, allowing it to relax and bend the hair when it’s wrapped on the infused roller. Then cover with the shield clip so when moisture evaporates the hair is set in the new curled position – until you shampoo it away. The extra steam helps condition, soften and make hair shinier while adding volume, and reducing static and frizz. The patented roller and clip design creates even moisture penetration, allows airflow for quick evaporation. We suggest jumbo rollers for large, loose, voluminous curls on medium to long hair lengths. With Caruso, the molecular hold is so strong, the curl can only be released by shampooing. Because there is no damaging heat, you can use the Caruso Professional system as often as you like without worries.