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One-Length Hair Cut
One-Length Hair Cut
1. Part the hair down the centre from front to nape. Take a sub-section going across the head from the center part to the side and pin the rest of hair out of the way. Do the same to the other side.
2. Comb the hair down tight into the neck.
3. Cut straight across at the desired height and check both sides with your fingers to make sure the length is the same.
4. Take the next sub-section across the same way, from the center part to the side, and pin the rest of the hair out of the way. Make sure the sub-sections are no wider than 0.5 inch. Continue this sub-section technique until reaching the crown.
5. Take a sub-section from about 0.5 1 inch above the ear, straight across.
6. Take a piece of hair closest to the back of the ear of the sub-section, blend it into some of the hair already cut from the back section, pull down in the same manner and cut to the same length. Do the same on both sides of the head, but be sure to check that both sides are same length after each cut. Take the same sections right up to the center parting.
7. Once finished, re-check the length by combing all the hair back behind the ears and down straight at the back. Soften the front by personalizing, if necessary.