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Hair Styling Skill - How to set wet hair in rollers
Hair Styling Skill - How to set wet hair in rollers
Using a hair roller is a great way to make straight and limp hair bounce back to life. You could curl your hair, or simply add body and lift to it, by skillfully using hair rollers. Hair rollers are easy to use and cause less damage to hair as compared to permanent curling techniques and curling irons. Also setting wet hair in rollers gives you more curls than any other hair accessory. The curls will last longer and you will also be able to control them better. Hair should be washed well before applying rollers.

Step 1: Wet your hair and comb it. Smoothen out the tangles since it is easier to work on tangle-free hair. And it also helps you to get good results.
Step 2: Use a hairstyling product such as a mousse, gel or spray to hold the curls in place. Be careful not to use too much as you will end up with curls that are too stiff to style properly, or with sticky, messy hair. You can use the substance on your entire head or on each individual curl or you can do both in case your hair does not hold curls well.
Step 3: Make four sections of your hair - the top, both sides by the ears, and the back. Now tightly pin up all these sections against your head.
Step 4: Unpin the top section of the hair but be careful not to mess with the other pinned up sections.
Step 5: Take a small portion of this section of hair. Carefully, hold the roller at the end of the particular section and roll it as tightly as possible towards the roots. Continue with the other sections of the hair. If you feel that your hair is drying, you can spray some water from a spray bottle.
Step 6: After you are done with the other sections of the hair, spray a hair product which is specially meant for wet hair, to help form the curls.
Step 7: Before removing the rollers, make sure your hair is completely dry, or use a blow dryer if you are in a hurry. Work with the minimum speed possible. Use a diffuser so as not to blow your hair out of the rollers.
Step 8: Starting at the back, remove the rollers in the opposite direction carefully and spray each curl with a hairspray to hold it in place.
Step 9: Now style your hair and get ready for those pretty curls. Gently run your fingers through your hair for tighter curls or brush those curls for the wavy look.